Episode 61: Get Shot & Start A Rap Career

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss,

Iran releases 52,000 inmates to avoid spread of Coronavirus

Chicago man gets shot in his head and then drives 3 miles to the Hospital to get treated

Squirrels using plastic bags to build their nests

Coronavirus Outbreak may lead to Ghost Towns

A town in Missouri has 1000 dead birds just laying on the ground

Episode 57: Scamming

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

– How they used to scam at their old job when they were teenagers.
– Manager of restaurant puts her boyfriend who’s in jail on payroll and stole over 50K
– Allegedly 12 pubic hairs are consumed by the average person purchasing food from fast food restaurant
– India has beer and rum coming out of their faucets
– Australian man ticketed for riding horse and using phone without a hand held device
– A reminder that no Kobe Bryant Slander will be tolerated