A Conversation w/ Premium Pete

Swanson  & Chase sit down with Premium Pete from the Premium Pete Show.  They discuss growing up Italian in Brooklyn, buying thousands of sneakers, hip hop, co hosting on the Combat Jack Show w/ Combat Jack, and building relationships.

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Episode 9: Is Steve Harvey A Sell Out?

Welcome to another episode of Swans n’ Company! Swanson discusses Monique and Steve Harveys conversation that took place on Steve Harvey’s TV Show. Steve Harvey is being called a sell out but is he?

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A Conversation w/ TK Kirkland

Swanson & Chase drive up to the Baltimore Comedy Factory to sit down with the King of underground stand up comedy, TK Kirkland. They discuss how TK got into the comedy game, his upcoming comedy album Gangster Conversation, Bill Cosby, and a little advice when it comes to talking to young ladies.

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