Episode 57: Scamming

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

– How they used to scam at their old job when they were teenagers.
– Manager of restaurant puts her boyfriend who’s in jail on payroll and stole over 50K
– Allegedly 12 pubic hairs are consumed by the average person purchasing food from fast food restaurant
– India has beer and rum coming out of their faucets
– Australian man ticketed for riding horse and using phone without a hand held device
– A reminder that no Kobe Bryant Slander will be tolerated

Episode 53: Would You Marry A Blind Chick?

Swanson & Chase are back this week and they discuss..

  • Chase’s lyft customer having to puke while in his car
  • Would you date/marry a blind girl?
  • Lady trapped in a clothing donation bin
  • Man get popcorn stuck in teeth which leads to open heart surgery
  • 57 year old man poisoned coworkers food, man dies after 4 years in coma.
  • New toilet made to shorten bathroom breaks and help employers save up to 6 billion dollars.

Episode 49: Return Of The “R” Word

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

Chases Lyft passenger story
Fishes mating and creating a new species
The return of the “R” word
Canadian man hits a Coyote and takes it to the hospital
The Game sells on 26K first week
Wack100 still on media run about Nipsey
Roddy Ricch album
49’s broadcaster suspended over Lamar Jackson comment.

Episode 48: Clean Piss For Sale

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

  • Sprint employee who asked Swanson if he smoked gas in front of his father
  • Package of highly contagious specimen delivered to a Movie Theater in Washington State
  • 92 year old man still working at Mcdonalds
  • Starbucks under fire for barista writing “Pig” on the cops cup next to the name label.