Episode 47: Needle To The Nuts

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

-No snitching

– Kylie Jenner selling half her company for 600 million

– Mayweather making a comeback in 2020

– Male Birth Control

– Family buries father without checking to see if he’s really dead

– Florida man hides drugs in his belly button

– Fedex driver throws package onto yard and it lands on yorkie dog and kills it.

Episode 46: Centegasus

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

– Eating weed
– Lady getting caught with fake baby bump, attempting to smuggle 9 bricks of marijuana
– If you could be half animal and half human, what animal would you choose to fuse with?
-Store clerk Anwar Ghazali fatally shoots black teenager Dorian Harris, who stole a $2 beer.
-Wutang American Saga
– Disney+
-Colin Kap/NFL/Jay Z
-Turkeys Juiced up
-Thousands of chicken filled with metal scrapes
– History of Chitlin & Black people
– History of Chicken with black people

Episode 45: Ambidextrous Ass Wiper

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss

  • People who bite their nails
  • How do you wipe your ass
  • Popeyes chicken sandwich is back
  • Instagram likes
  • El chapo’s son cashes in on his revenge on cop who arrested him
  • Louisiana woman signs fake doctor notes for two students for $20 a pop
  • Big Sean Album Mode?
  • Dave East Drops Album!

Episode 44: Bullet (feat Azanna)

Swanson & Chase are back this week and they’re joined by Azana. They discuss,

  • No Nut November
  • Trent Williams / Cancer
  • Nationals Winning World Series
  • Lil Fiz / Omarion Baby Momma
  • Eggplant & Peach Emoji Banned From Facebook and Instagram
  • Lebron James Hair falls off/ Cheating on Wife
  • NBA Players Cheat
  • Bald Talk
  • Balloon of weed stuck inside of mans nose for 18 years
  • Kanye West/ Jesus Is King

Episode 41: We Don’t Like Your Dreadlocks

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss a 21 year old man slashing a woman in the neck several times because he thought she was witch, they also discuss the mother who traded her 2 year old baby for a car, another white woman on drugs hiding in the ceiling of a Big Lots attempting to shoplift, and the Penn State Alumni’s sending a racist letter to a black player on the team.

Episode 39:Who Needs Witness Protection?

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss flipping financial aid money, Dababy dropping his highly anticipated album Kirk, Tekashi 69 not wanting witness protection, Panda that had a sad sexual life dies at the age of 19 in Japan, and black girl in Fairfax Virginia gets bullied and her hair cut by white cracker kids in Christian School.



Episode 38: Tekashi Singing

Swanson & Chase are back this week to discuss Tekashi, a couple that was arrested for a DUI and then proceeding to have sex in the back of the cop car, a Maryland Hotel gets a noise complaint but its really just loud sex, Amish buggy is found on the side of the road with booze and a stereo in it, and Kanye West facing backlash for having his church service inside an actual Church in Atlanta.